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  SMPTE Hybrid Fiber Cable Tester  
  SMPTE Hybrid Fiber Cable Tester

When failure is not an option, use the Gepco® Brand SMPTE-304TS Hybrid Fiber Cable Tester to verify your cables before and after installation.

The most comprehensive tester for hybrid fiber camera cables, the SMPTE-304TS is compatible with all SMPTE 304 standard connectors and tests both electrical and optical circuits while the intuitive display graphically depicts which contact is defective or pinned out incorrectly, ultimately saving you time and money.

Ideal for use in sports/events broadcasting, fixed and mobile facilities or wherever a SMPTE HD camera cable is used, the SMPTE-304TS has a portable, hand-held design and provides over 40 hours of continuous use without recharging, while the diagnostic OLED backlit display can be easily seen in direct sunlight or at night. Each SMPTE-304TS test set includes a metering unit and optical source unit with black aluminum frames, a rechargeable NiMH battery with charger, a USB to USBmini charging cable and a rugged ABS plastic carrying case. An optional SMPTE launch cable can be used to zero out the tester and see exact insertion loss.
Most Comprehensive Tester for Hybrid Fiber Camera Cables
Tests Both Electrical and Optical Circuits
Intuitive Diagnostic Display Graphically Depicts Which Contact is Defective or Pinned Out Incorrectly
Compatible with All SMPTE 304 Standard Connectors
Compact, Hand-Held Design
Rechargeable Battery for 40 Hours of Operation
OLED Backlit Display Easily Seen in Direct Sunlight or at Night
Ruggedized ABS Plastic Carrying Case
HD Trucks
Sports/Events Broadcasting
Fixed or Mobile Facilities
  Mechanical Specifications
Set Frame Connectors Display Insertion  
 Test Set
(1) Metering Unit
(1) Optical Source Unit
Black Aluminum,
6” H x 3” W x 2” D
(Each Unit)
Standard, Stainless Steel with
UPC Polish on Fiber Contacts
OLED Backlit Display
(2" x 3")
100 x 160 Resolution
≤0.5 dB >45 dB
  Accessories Included
Ruggedized ABS Plastic Carrying, Rechargeable NiMH Battery with Charger, 6’ USB to USB-Mini Charging Cable

Fiber Tester Display The intuitive graphical diagnostic display shows which element of the cable assembly is defective.

Optional SMPTE Launch Cable
The SMPTE launch cable can be used in series with the SMPTE tester to aid in creating a “0 dB” or Dark Calibration reference point when testing installed SMPTE 311/304 type systems. It is recommended that a launch cable be used to zero out any loss elements that may exist in the test set. See operations manual.

SMPTE Tester Launch Cable
  SMPTE Test Kit

     Ruggedized ABS Plastic
     Carrying Case
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