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  HDR1 High Density Patchbay  
  Electrically isolated connector modules  
  Electrically isolated connector modules  
  Rear panel with fiber and electrical component breakout  
  Rear panel with fiber and electrical component breakout  
High Density 1RU Chassis
External ST Fiber and Metal Circular Electrical Breakout
Electrically Isolated Connector Mounts
Designation Strip for Each Position
Ideal for Machine Room Patching
Field Installable and Terminatable
Expandable Six-channel Frame
Available with SMPTE Plug or SMPTE Socket Connector Modules

The new Gepco HDR1 High Density Patchbay delivers a hybrid fiber breakout or patching solution in a compact 1RU frame. With the highest density available, the HDR1 can deliver up to six positions in a 1RU space, or up to 12 positions in a 2RU space (with two HDR1 units). Commonly used for machine room patching of multiple camera positions to available CCU control units, the HDR1 provides a streamlined cross-connect or general purpose hybrid breakout system.

Each hybrid connector position of the HDR1 externally breaks out to separate fiber and electrical connectors on the rear of the panel. To provide rugged external connector interfacing, the HDR1 utilizes ST fiber and metal circular, five-pin electrical connectors. These connector breakout formats can easily be terminated on-site without the need for specialized hybrid connector tooling.

All positions on the new HDR1 are completely electrically isolated by non-conductive connector mounts on the front, and the hybrid connector shells are wired to isolated pins on the rear of the chassis. For custom user labeling and identification, each position features a designation strip. Available with SMPTE plug, SMPTE socket, or Neutrik OpticalCon ® format connectors, every configuration comes loaded in a standard frame that can be expanded up to six channels with pre-terminated connector modules.

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  Mechanical Specifications
1RU-1.75" H x 19" W x 3" D

Optical Connector Specifications
Lemo SMPTE 304M: 1 Per Channel (2 Fibers)
ST-PC Breakout: 2 Per Channel (2 Fibers)
-55dB Typical RL, .4dB Max IL

Electrical Breakout
5-Pin Metal AMP CPC

Included Accessories
Mating AMP 5-Pin CPC Connectors

  Optional Accessories
  Part Number  Description Compatibility Notes
  HDR1-EKIT-P SMPTE Plug Expansion Module Kit For HDR1 Frames
  HDR1-EKIT-S  SMPTE Socket Expansion Module Kit For HDR1 Frames

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