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  HDB Field and Studio Boxes  
Field Box for SMPTE 304M Interconnects
Weather-proof Stainless Steel or Indoor-rated Steel Versions
Hinged Top Panel with Clamps
Internal SC Breakout or Fusion Splice Tray
Configurable Cord Grips/Cable Management
Distribute Hybrid Connector over Fiber and Copper Distribution, SMPTE 311M or Three-channel Hybrid Cables
Available in 1, 2 or 3 Channel Configurations
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  Mechanical Specifications
8" L x 6" W x 4" D Standard 1, 2 or 3ch and 1ch Fusion Splice models: Stainless Steel
8" L x 6" W x 3.5" D Standard 1, 2 or 3ch and 1ch Fusion Splice models: Indoor Painted Steel
10" L x 8" W x 4" D Fusion Splice 2 and 3ch models: Stainless Steel or Indoor Painted Steel

.75" Flanged Base with Mounting Holes

Optical Connector Specifications
SMPTE 304M Lemo Stainless Steel Connector (Plug or Socket)
SMPTE 304M Dust Cap with Weather Seal and Coated Lanyard
SC-PC Single-mode Breakout (Internal Breakout Version Only - 2 Per Channel)

Fiber Contacts: 2 per Channel
-55dB Typical RL, .4dB Max IL (SMPTE and SC Contacts)

Electrical Breakout Specifications
6-Pin AMP Mate-N-Lok Cap: 3 Pins, 2 Sockets

Cord Grips: 1, 2 or 3 Channel Models
Electrical Only/Hybrid Fiber Ports - (1 per Channel):
Cable OD .310" - .380": HDP221, HDC920 or HDC920R

Fiber Ports - (1 per Channel):
Cable OD .130" - .190", 2-Strand Distribution
Cable OD .250" - .310", 2-Strand Breakout
Note: Secondary Cord Grip can be Replaced with Included Weather-proof Hole Plug

Cord Grips: 3M Models for HDC3R 3-Way Cable
Single Cord Grip for 3-Way Hybrid Cable
Cable OD .500" - .630"

  Standard Model
Internal SC Fiber and AMP Electrical Breakout

Field-installed Cables can be Terminated by Polishing, Field Term Gel,
or Fusion Splicing SC Connectors

Standard Model Includes Splice Holder for SC Spliced Connector

  Fusion Splice Model
Internal Fusion Splice Tray for Full Figure-8 Cable Management

AMP Electrical Breakout Panel

Used for Splicing SMPTE Connector Directly to Field-installed Cable without SC Breakout

  Included Accessories
Gland Seals for 9.2mm Hybrid/HDP221 Electrical Cable, 2-Strand Distribution Fiber, and 2-Strand Breakout Fiber (1, 2 and 3ch models only)

Gland Seals for HDC3R 3-Way Fiber Cable (3M Models Only)

Mating AMP Connectors for Electrical Breakout

  Optional Accessories
GSKIT-HDP221P - Gland Seal Kit or HDP221P Plenum Electrical Cable: Kit for One Strain Relief

FSC-SC - Factory Polished Connector with 12" Tight Buffer 900µ SM Fiber for Fusion Splicing

318-191-627 - Field Term SC Connector for 900µ - Quick Cleave with IM Gel

 Hybrid Distribution Racks 
HMS Fusion Splice Rack
HMD SC Breakout Rack
HDR1 High Density Patchbay
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HDB Field and Studio Boxes
HBB Breakout Boxes
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