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  HBB Breakout Boxes  
Breaks Out SMPTE 304M Connector to Interface with Existing SM Fiber Tie-lines
Machine-polished Optical Contacts & Ceramic Sleeves
Replaceable Fiber Jumpers
Rugged Aluminum Chassis
Optional XLR or 5-pin AMP Connectors
Includes Metal Dust Caps

The HBB series of portable SMPTE 304M boxes breaks out the hybrid camera connector to two ST female connectors on a recessed, protective metal top-plate with optional electrical connectors. The breakout of the hybrid connector to discrete, industry-standard optical and electrical components allows for an HD camera to CCU interconnection over existing fiber tie-lines in facilities where hybrid fiber interconnects may not be present.

All optical components feature machine-polished ceramic ferrules and ceramic sleeves for superior optical alignment and low loss. The chassis is constructed from heavy-gage anodized aluminum for use in remote production environments. In addition to the standard configuration, the HBB breakout box is also available with XLR or 5-pin AMP connectors that are hard wired to the power and/or signal components of the SMPTE hybrid connectors.

HBB Part Number Diagram
  Mechanical Specifications
4.5” High x 5.25” Wide x 4.5” Long 1 ch: 1/8” Extruded Aluminum (Black Anodized)
4.5” High x 5.25” Wide x 9 ” Long 3 ch: 1/8” Extruded Aluminum (Black Anodized)

Optical Connector Specifications
Female ST Barrels with Dust Caps (Metal Housing, Ceramic Sleeve) Internally Coupled with Metal Body ST Connectors with Ceramic Ferrules (2 per Channel)

Hybrid Fiber SMPTE 304M Connector (Plug or Socket) with Metal Dust Caps (1 per Channel)

-55dB Typical RL, .4dB Max IL (SMPTE and ST Contacts)

Optional Electrical Connector Specifications
5-Pin AMP CPC Connector (1 per Channel), or
Male or Female XLR (1 per Channel) (Power elements from fiber are not terminated.)

  Side Panel Electrical Connector Options   AMP 5-pin: Front View  
  Rack Rear View   AMP 5-pin Pinout   Electrical Connector XLR Female   AMP 5-pin Pinout  
  AMP 5-pin   XLR Male   XLR Female      
  ST Fiber Code
Fiber A = Top blue fiber in hybrid connector
Fiber B = Lower yellow fiber in hybrid connector

AMP 5-pin Electrical Pinout (Optional)

Pin 1 = Gray signal conductor (low voltage)
Pin 2 = Red signal conductor (low voltage)
Pin 3 = White auxiliary conductor (high voltage)
Pin 4 = Black auxiliary conductor (high voltage)
Pin 5 = Ground

XLR Pinout (Optional)
Pin 1 = Ground
Pin 2 = Red signal conductor (low voltage)
Pin 3 = Gray signal conductor (low voltage)

Black & white power elements in hybrid fiber connector are floated with no connector.

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