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Gepco Remembers Steve Kusiciel

DES PLAINES, IL, November 29, 2007 - Steve Kusiciel, beloved friend, husband, father, and long-time employee of Gepco and Isotec, passed away on Sunday, November 11, 2007.

Steve, a sixteen-year employee of Gepco and Isotec, began his career as an audio engineer in 1972, first working under the late Malcolm Chisholm and the late Marty Feldman at Paragon Recording Studio and subsequently for Chicago Recording Co. (CRC) and Streeterville Studios. During his audio engineering days, Steve worked on projects for bands such as The Ohio Players and Tyrone Davis. Equally skilled at the console and with the technology behind it, Steve did exceptional work in the studio. From installation and wiring, to equipment repair and calibration, to implementation of the early hard-disk-based recording systems, Steve was a skilled technician and audio pioneer, always ready to explore new technologies.

It was at Paragon Recording Studio where Steve's friendship with the future founder of Gepco, Gary Geppert, first began. They again enjoyed the opportunity to work together later at Streeterville Studios. Then in 1991, their friendship became a business relationship when Gary invited Steve to join the Gepco team.

Steve proved to be indispensible. When Isotec was founded in 1991, Steve became responsible for the design, installation, and maintenance of many of the factory's manufacturing and processes. Having lead responsibilities for many of Gepco and Isotec's manufacturing, IT, and test and measurement systems, Steve was a key component to Gepco's operations.

"Along with being a close friend, Steve was a part of the company's foundation, a welcoming presence in the workplace and a knowledgeable asset to the team," said Geppert. "Regardless of how busy he was, Steve always made time for friends and co-workers. He was a natural teacher, ready to share his knowledge with anyone who asked. Steve will be deeply missed by all who knew him."

More than just an employee, Steve was also a dear friend, a respected co-worker, a fellow aviator and engineer, and a family man. Steve is survived by his wife, Vonna; his children, Jeff, Thomas, and Robyn; and his grandchildren, Lauren, Carter, Vash, and Aislinn.

We are deeply saddened by Steve's passing. Though we mourn the loss of him, we are grateful to have had him in our lives.


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