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X-Band™ Balanced  
High Bandwidth, Extra-flexible Design for Balanced Analog Audio  
  Gepco's new extra-flexible, high bandwidth X-Band cable series has been specifically designed for use in critical balanced audio applications.

The X-Band series features an extended frequency response and exceptional RF/EMI noise rejection. The bandwidth and rejection characteristics are achieved through precision pair twisting and a video-grade foam dielectric that significantly reduces the capacitance. Conductors are finely stranded, oxygen-free copper to maximize conductivity and protect against corrosion. For shielding and additional noise rejection, each pair is shielded with a dense 95% copper braid.

The X-Band microphone series is also exceptionally flexible. This series features Gepco's new G-Flex jacket compound and enhanced core geometry. The X-Band microphone series is available in six color options.
Extra Flexible
Matte finish G-Flex PVC jacket is exceptionally flexible and easy to strip.
Wide Bandwidth
Low capacitance design (17pF/ft) significantly reduces high frequency cable attenuation, improving both the bandwidth and transient response.
22 Gage Oxygen-free Conductors
High-purity oxygen-free copper maximizes conductivity and is corrosion resistant.
Data-grade, Gas/Polymer Dielectric
Unique foam dielectric reduces the dielectric of the cable to achieve the wide bandwidth characteristics.
Dense 95% Copper Braid
Tight-angle, tinned-copper braid shields pairs from external interference and is flexible and durable.
Exceptional RF/EMI &
Common-mode Noise Rejection
Precision twisting coupled with capacitive balancing between conductors ensures exceptional noise rejection and cancellation.
  Mechanical Specifications
  Part #
 # of
  Color Code
 22 AWG (41x38)
 Stranded Oxygen-free BC  
 Foam Polypropylene,
.015" Wall / White & Black
  95% TC
 Matte PVC
  Black, Red, Yellow,
 Green, Blue, Violet
 38 lbs/Mft
  Electrical Specifications
     Capacitance   Cond. DCR  
     17 pF/ft between conductors,
  30.6 pF/ft between one conductor and other tied to shield
  10.5 Ω/Mft  


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