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PRODUCTS / PRO-AUDIO, VIDEO & DATA CABLE / CAMERA CABLE / 6.0 mm Plenum Hybrid Fiber Optic
  6.0 mm Hybrid Fiber Optic  
  Fiber optic and copper conductor SMPTE 311 design hybrid cable for High Definition video cameras. In the hybrid 311 format, the HD video signal is transmitted over two single-mode optical fibers to ensure accurate and extended distance data transmission. To increase the durability, a special nylon-based polymer with increased tensile strength is used for the fiber coatings, and a 16 gage steel strength member is cabled at the center of the cable core. All copper elements now feature heat-resistant PE insulation and are shielded by a dense 95% copper braid. the HDC920P feature a PVC jacket for plenum permanent installation applications.
Ultra-low Attenuation
SMPTE 311 Design
Single-Mode Optical Glass Fibers
Proprietary Fiber Coating for Increased Tensile Strength
Six Copper Conductors
Strength Member for Additional Durability
Copper Braid Shield
Flexible Plenum PVC Jacket
High Definition Camera to CCU Interconnect
Permanent Installation

 Mechanical Specifications (Series)

   Component Number Type Insulation Color Code
   Optical 2 Single-mode
8.3 Micron Mode Field
125 Micron Cladding
CPE, Tight Buffer, .9mm

One Blue,
One Yellow

   Signal 2 24 AWG (7x32)
Stranded TC
FEP, 0.038” (0.97 mm)

One Red,
One Gray

   Auxiliary 4 20 AWG (19x32)
Stranded TC
FEP, 0.054” (1.37 mm)

Two White,
Two Black

   Strength Member 1 16 AWG Stranded Steel PVDF, 0.084” (2.13 mm)

One White

 Mechanical Specifications (Individual)

  Part # Nominal OD Master Jacket
(type, colors)
   HDC920P 6.0 mm Flexible Thermoplastic,
95% TC Braid -- 45 lbs/Mft
    Plenum Hybrid Fiber Camera Cable

 Electrical & Optical Specifications

 (Power or Signal)
 (Power or Signal)
  < 0.50
  dB/Km @
>10M Ω/km 3000 Volts RMS
@ 20°C, 60Hz
for 1 min.
-20°C to +75°C
(@ 0 to 95%
311 Design


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