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  Speaker Cable: Portable Multi-conductor  
  Multi-conductor, low-loss speaker cable in a flexible and portable round construction. The densely stranded thirteen gage conductors achieve low series resistance and excellent flex-life. Multiple conductors allow for bi-amping or multiple speaker cabinets to be interconnected by one cable. Durable and flexible in low temperature, the all-weather TPE jacket makes this series well suited for sound reinforcement applications or use in hostile environments. Ideal for termination with Neutrik Speak-On type connectors.
Easy-to-handle Round Construction
Low Loss
Heavy Gage Conductors
All-weather TPE Master Jacket
Speaker to Amplifier Interconnect
Portable Speaker Cables
Ideal for Use with Neutrik Speak- On® Connectors

 Mechanical Specifications (Series)

   Conductors Insulation Jacket
(type, colors)
   13 AWG (52x30)
   Stranded BC
PVC, .024" TPE, Black

 Mechanical Specifications (Individual)

  Part # # of Cond. Nominal OD Conductor
Color Code
   GSC132 2 .350" White & Black 85 lbs/Mft
   GSC134 4 .420" White, Black, Green & Red 130 lbs/Mft
   GSC138 8 .580" White, Black, Green, Red, Brown,
Blue, Orange & Yellow
259 lbs/Mft

 Electrical Specifications

Cond. DCR
  2.2 Ω/Mft


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