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  Single-pair: X-Band Double Shield  
  The X-Band series is an ultra-flexible, sonically transparent, low-noise, and durable balanced audio cable for use in critical recording studio facilities or live sound venues. X-Band single-pair is both extremely flexible and flaccid, yet maintains a high degree of durability. Each oxygen-free copper conductor is insulated with a unique low k constant, foam polypropylene dielectric that lowers the capacitance and extends the bandwidth of the cable. Low noise is achieved through tight and precision pair twisting with a double shield—durable 95% braid and 100% foil shield. In addition, X-Band also remains easy to prep and terminate. The insulation and jacket are both easy to score, break, and strip; the tight weave braided shield is easy to trim and terminate via the drain wire.
Oxygen-free, Finely Stranded Conductors
High Bandwidth Dielectric
Foil and Braid Shield
Drain Wire for Quick Ground Termination
Superior Noise Rejection
Easy to Terminate
Microphone or Line Level Balanced Analog Audio
Studio Interconnect, Rack or Patchbay Wiring
Permanent Installation

 Mechanical Specifications

  Part #  # of
Conductors Insulation
(type, wall thick)
Color Code
  Shield Drain Wire  Jacket   Approx.
   XB401FB      1 .148" 24 AWG (40x40)
Stranded Oxygen-free BC 
Foam Polypropylene,
.012"/ One White,
One Black
100% Foil,
95% TC   
24 AWG (41x40)
Stranded TC
G-Flex PVC
15 lbs/Mft

 Electrical Specifications

  Capacitance   Cond. DCR     Drain DCR
  17.5 pF/ft between conductors,
  31 pF/ft between one conductor and other tied to shield
  27.5 Ω/Mft     6 Ω/Mft


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