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PRODUCTS / PRO-AUDIO, VIDEO & DATA CABLE / ANALOG AUDIO CABLE / Multi-pair: Heavy-duty Twelve-channel
  Multi-pair: Heavy-duty Twelve-channel  
  Twelve-channel multi-pair for use in hostile environments. Outer jacket is an extra-thick, extra-tough polyurethane compound that is extremely weather resistant and difficult to puncture. Each pair is individually shielded, isolated, and color coded for channel identification.
Extremely Durable & Rugged
Low Attenuation
Polyethylene Dielectric
Individual Pair Shields
Polyurethane Jacket
Microphone or Line Level
Balanced Analog Audio
DT12 Remote Snakes
Hostile Environments

 Mechanical Specifications

  Part #  # of Pairs   Nominal
 Conductors  Insulation
 (type, wall  thick)


  12   .505"   22 AWG
  Stranded TC
  PE, .010"   Varies for
  each pair,
  See chart
  100% Foil
  Mylar side out
  (pairs are isolated)
  22 AWG
  Stranded TC
  PU, Black   160 lbs/Mft

 Electrical Specifications

  Capacitance   Cond. DCR     Drain DCR
  26 pF/ft between conductors,
  48 pF/ft between one conductor and other tied to shield
  14.3 Ω/Mft     14.3 Ω/Mft


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