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Gepco Meets Advanced High-Def Broadcasting Needs
at State-of-the-Art Sports Complexes – From Australia to India

  AAMI Park
  Victoria’s cutting-edge AAMI Park is identified by its unique bioframe design with geodesic dome roof.
In the state of Victoria, Australia, popular rugby and soccer long awaited a dedicated stadium to accommodate fans with an ideal viewing experience. In Queensland, the Australian Football League (AFL) and the government decided to jointly fund a multipurpose facility to attract sporting and non-sporting events to the area and help generate jobs and future revenue. The resulting $267 million AAMI Park and $144 million Metricon Stadium are now exceeding expectations as world-class event complexes.

Victoria’s AAMI Park features a cutting-edge bioframe design with a geodesic dome roof that provides more than 30,000 spectators with unobstructed views, free from pillars, walls or other support structures. It also features an elite training center and office accommodations. Currently seating 25,000 spectators and capable of being extended to 40,000 seats in the future, Queensland’s Metricon Stadium features an AFL oval that will also hold International Cricket Council (ICC) cricket matches, concerts, festivals, and world championship matches and events. Both stadiums were subject to stringent broadcast and performance requirements that included superior communication links, data feeds, high-definition broadcast transmission paths and reliable connections for broadcast vans and camera systems.

Carraro Broadcast Solutions (CBS), Australia’s premier broadcast and audiovisual distributor, was awarded contracts to supply the two new stadiums with technical and material support. General Cable’s Gepco® Brand products were carefully chosen to meet the criteria and exceed broadcast requirements.

“Gepco products were perfect for the desired applications, providing customized solutions, precision engineering, reliability, cost effectiveness and timely availability,” said Rino Carraro, owner of CBS. “These products have the unique ability to perform in different climatic conditions and support a wide range of broadcast applications.”

  AAMI Park  
  Metricon Stadium is estimated to contribute $340 million to Queensland’s economy over the next 10 years.  
Central to successful broadcasting at both stadiums were products such as Gepco HDC920 series 9.2mm hybrid fiber optic cable assemblies. Compliant with the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineer’s (SMPTE) 311M standard for high-definition cameras, the Gepco cables feature two single-mode optical fibers for accurately transmitting data over long distances and six insulated heat-resistant copper conductors for electrical power. A special nylon-based polymer provides increased tensile strength for increased durability, while the extra-flexible jacketing eases installation. Utilizing LEMO 3K series SMPTE 304M connectors, Gepco hybrid fiber cable assemblies feature multi-stage, machine polished fiber contacts for superior performance. This process achieves the low attenuation and return loss required for high-speed uncompressed HD video transmission. In addition, all contacts are optically tested and verified for consistent performance.

Other products used at AAMI Park and Metricon Stadium included Gepco’s VHD1100, VSD2001 and VS102001 high-definition coax series cables engineered with high velocity of propagation, tight impedance tolerance, low attenuation and low structural return loss to deliver reliable 4.5 GHz bandwidth for HDTV. GEP-FLEX multi-pair audio cables with superior noise rejection and DT12 audio patching connectors with low crosstalk and a weather-tight seal were also used.

Thanks to CBS and General Cable’s Gepco products, the first rugby league international match at AAMI Park was broadcast in May 2010, and the event generated a sellout crowd of 29,442. Metricon Stadium opened its gates and broadcasted its first main event on May 28, 2011, when the Gold Coast SUNS played Geelong Cats in round 10 of the Toyota AFL Premiership Season. Both venues have hosted a number of successful events since their inception and will continue to provide high-definition broadcasting via Gepco solutions for fans across the globe.

“As the industry grows in sophistication and technology, CBS and General Cable continue to build on a 10-year working relationship to provide support to the Australian and New Zealand broadcast markets. Our reputation as a reliable, customer-focused partnership is evidenced by the growing support Gepco products are receiving and our involvement in several upcoming major infrastructure projects and installations,” said Carraro.

CBS was also successful in supplying Gepco products for other large projects including the camera cables needed for New Zealand’s Rugby World Cup and AV and broadcast cables and connectors for the recent International Broadcast Centre (IBC) build in Delhi, India by Global Television Studios of Sydney, Australia. In fact, for the IBC project in Delhi, Global Television Studios pre-built the technical requirements in Australia and air-lifted the pre-tested setup to Delhi for installation and technical handover.

“The recent IBC in India was a huge success for Global Television Studios and its partner, Shaf Broadcasting. CBS was able to deliver Gepco cables and connectivity products on time and under budget,” said Terry Manley, Chief Engineer at Global Television Studios. “The products were integral in the successful broadcasting of dozens of sporting events throughout the two-week spectacle. I have no hesitation in using and recommending Gepco products for our next major install.”    PDF


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