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Little Bay Re-Wires Boston College For HD
with Gepco Cable

Little Bay Broadcast Services 1As specialists in converting broadcast facilities from SD to HD, Little Bay Broadcast Services have seen a significant rise in interest from companies looking to make the switch over to high definition in the past few years.

When Boston College approached David Raynes, Co-owner of Little Bay for a three-year project that involved the re-wiring of its Silvio O. Conte Forum control room for HD, he knew he needed a reliable cable manufacturer, capable of providing a high quality, state-of-the-art product that was able to meet the school’s transmission needs as well as his own tight renovation schedule. “Having used Gepco cable for the past ten years and having always had my expectations exceeded, Gepco was our only choice,” says Raynes.

Since it opened in October 1988, Conte Forum has been the heart of the Boston College athletics program. From October through March, its main arena is the home of the Eagles' men's and women's basketball and hockey teams, and some of the most thrilling sports action in Boston. The arena seats 8,606 for basketball and 7,884 for hockey, and sellouts are common during the seasons.

Raynes started using Gepco cable in the late ‘90’s when he worked as a consultant for CBS sports doing stadium installations and re-wiring. The people at CBS had been using Gepco cable and they turned him on to it. Pretty soon, Raynes started using it as well on his own projects and has been using Gepco ever since. “Due to its precise construction, Gepco cable is able to provide superior transmission over the long distances required from stadiums and arenas,” adds Raynes.

Although he was re-wiring for HD at the Conte Forum control room, the majority of the equipment that was going to be installed needed to transmit in both SD and HD and offer connectivity solutions that could be utilized for both--that’s why Raynes installed approximately 5,700 feet of Gepco VDM230 coax cable for the router and switcher. The VDM230 is a miniature coax that features exceptionally low attenuation for its type while maintaining a reduced size and weight.

“Besides the high-quality cable and material, the people behind the cable have been incredible,” says Raynes. “Throughout the years of using Gepco cable, the company’s customer service team has always been outstanding. Doing a stadium or arena install is always frustrating, with lots of curve balls thrown at you, but Gepco has always been a very good, responsive manufacturer to deal with. A phone call of any issue is dealt with quickly and effectively. Gepco offers great customer support and rapid order fulfillment. As a result, we were able to complete the Conte Forum re-wire installation in a timely manner.”


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