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Gepco Cables Bring HD to Michigan State
University Stadium

Cables Make University One of the First to Transmit in HD

Michigan State University recently set out to refurbish a portion of its football stadium with 24 luxury suites, 862 club seats, a new press box, TV broadcast area, and office space. The renovation plans included improvements to all of the media facilities. Many of the cable runs throughout the stadium, which are used primarily by national television networks, were over 20 years old and needed to be replaced. When it came time to upgrade the stadium's interconnect solutions, Gepco cables were selected.

"On a typical Saturday game day, we could have anybody from ABC to ESPN pull up and set up all of their equipment," said Rick Church, Michigan State's director of sports broadcasting. "Every broadcast uses our cables for the transmission of audio and video, so it was important that we select a brand that would perform at the highest level. I've used Gepco in the past and liked the way their cables provide consistent, high-quality transmission."

Utilizing input from the broadcasters who frequent the stadium as to the types of cabling products to include, the university selected Gepco's G37 DT12 Multi-pin Connectors, VSD2001TS Plenum RG6 HDTV Coax, 61801EZ Single-pair Audio Cable, GSC132 Speaker Cable, VPM2000 RG59 HDTV Coax, VT61811TK RG11 Plenum Triax, 6612HS Plenum Multi-pair Audio cable, 6604HS Plenum Multi-pair Audio Cable, 61801HS Plenum Single-pair Audio Cable, 6606HS Plenum Multi-pair Audio Cable, GA61812GFC Gep-Flex 12-pair Cable, VSD2001 RG6 HDTV Coax, VT61811 RG11 Triax, Custom Panels designed by Gepco, Neutrik XLRs, and ADC Audio and Video Patch Panels . All of the cabling proudcts have been providing superior performance, and as Church explained, many of the broadcasters are particularly happy with the addition of HDTV Coax cable.

"The cables have made covering games a lot easier," said Church. "Everything's changing over from standard definition to high definition, and we are one of the few university stadiums in the country to offer HD connectivity solutions. Broadcasters have been pleasantly surprised that the HDTV Coax cable is available and are happy to use it because it provides broadcasts with superior images."


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