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Bennett Systems Uses Gepco Cables to Meet Demands and Facilitate Mobile Truck Wiring

53-Foot Double Expando Trucks Used for Lyon Video and Mira Mobile Television

With the ongoing push to Digital and HD, the engineering phase of continuing projects has become more important than ever. Mobile production trucks are turning with the tides as well, and thus, the importance of proper wiring is necessary for successful transmission. Barry Bennett, president of Bennett Systems, which handles engineering and system integration for many of the latest generation production trucks on the road, recently chose Gepco cables for installation in two 53-foot double Expando trucks used for Lyon Video and Mira Mobile Television.

"Equipment capabilities are constantly changing, and there is an emphasis on high-end technology that will produce state-of-the-art results, especially in mobile production trucks, where there are specific needs and desires in mind," stated Bennett. "I chose Gepco cables to meet the increased technological demands, but also because the multiple colors of the audio cable they design and manufacture simplify pre-wiring configuration. This substantially streamlines the installation process for us and more importantly, saves our customers money in installation costs."

Gepco supplied Bennett Systems with over 30,000 feet of VSD2001 High Definition video coax and over 30,000 feet of 61801EZ single-pair audio cable. Bennett Systems used Gepco's industry standard, heavy-duty DT12 multi-pin connectors for external audio interconnects. To help reduce Bennett Systems' in-house labor requirements, Gepco also supplied over 340 EDAC multi-pins to blunt cable assemblies. Their custom cable assembly capabilities allowed Bennett Systems to pre-wire specialized multi-pin harnesses to the customer's specifications. As a result, the installation time was reduced, allowing them to complete the project faster and with greater ease.

For the past several months, both Mira Mobile Television and Lyon Video have been using Gepco-wired mobile production trucks configured by Bennett Systems for sporting events. According to Bennett, feedback from both companies on Gepco's performance has been extremely positive.

Gepco products used by Bennett Systems include: VSD2001 High-Definition SDI Coax Cables; 61801EZ Single-pair Audio Cables; DT12 Multi-pin Connectors; and EDAC Multi-pin to Blunt Cable Assemblies.


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