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Mobile Production: NEP SuperShooters & HDNet

NEP Mobile Unit Control RoomDo you remember when Adam Vinatieri kicked the game-winning field goal for the New England Patriots at this year's Super Bowl in Houston? Maybe you recall seeing Adrien Brody plant that unforgettable kiss on Halle Berry after winning the Best Actor Award during the 2002 Academy Awards? Perhaps you witnessed Mary Lou Retton capturing the hearts of America during the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles? Whatever your memories are of the above - or any of the major sporting and entertainment events over the past two decades - chances are that you were a part of the action thanks to NEP Supershooters (a division of NEP Broadcasting) and Gepco International.

NEP Broadcasting, LLC., known worldwide as the quality provider of broadcast management services focused on client satisfaction and state-of-the-art technology includes: NEP Supershooters & NEP Denali-premier providers of mobile television units; Screenworks NEP- mobile/modular daylight video screens; NEP Studios & Image Group Post - NYC based studios/post production facilities.

NEP Supershooters is the industry leader in mobile production recognized for its quality broadcast event management services and unparalleled expertise regarding engineering, facilities and production manpower. On a daily basis, they provide management, coordination and mobile facilities to virtually every major network and broadcast organization around the globe. Whether it is the World Series, Academy Awards, Super Bowl, Olympics or World Cup Soccer, NEP has been there to ensure that you do not miss a minute of the action.

NEP's High Definition Mobile Trucks Feature GEPCO's HD Video Coax Cables

NEP Truck ExteriorSuccessful coverage of these events has allowed NEP to forge lasting relationships with the production and engineering communities, along with various equipment suppliers and manufacturers. For as long as NEP has been providing exceptional coverage of live broadcast events, they have been doing so utilizing state-of-the-art audio and video cables courtesy of Gepco.

"There are multiple reasons for why we use Gepco," stated Brian Conley, director of purchasing for NEP. "We have a long, successful relationship with Gepco that dates back to 1992, if not earlier. Over that time, they have always been able to engineer products that are tailored to our specifications and backed those products with quality control second-to-none in the industry. Anyone can sell and manufacture cable, but what separates Gepco is the quality of their cable, the competitive pricing and comprehensive service they provide."

On the heels of what has already been a busy year, NEP is planning to launch the Supershooter 24 High Definition mobile unit, or SS24, for the beginning of the 2004 NFL season. The SS24 is a twin A/B unit consisting of two 53 foot "expando" trailers. With the market shift to High Definition - ESPN made the switch to HD last year and CBS is scheduled to feature HD this season - the unit will feature an HD switcher, router and Gepco's HD video coax cables.

"Gepco's reliability, pricing and service have always meshed perfectly for us," Conley continued. "Right now we're currently building two new mobile trailers, including the SS24, which will be wired exclusively with Gepco cable. The external wiring used to connect the truck to the camera on the golf course or in the stadium, as well as the microphone cables, will also feature Gepco. In fact, just recently we have utilized Gepco as a one source provider, purchasing not only cable, but also XLR connectors for audio, BNC connectors for video, and video patch panels."

Mobile Unit Control RoomWith over 35 mobile units, NEP is the nation's leading premier mobile television production facilities provider. In 2004, NEP has already covered the Super Bowl, the Academy Awards, the New York City Marathon and every NASCAR race. "NEP has a solid reputation in the industry and its confidence in our products and services is always a priority," stated Gary Geppert, CEO/CTO of Gepco International. "As broadcast technology expands, we will continue to provide NEP with the products it needs to maintain its high level of services."


Another leading mobile production company that relies upon Gepco is HDNet. HDNet, the first all High Definition national television network, features a variety of HDTV programming including live sports, sitcoms, travel programs, music concerts and special events. HDNet utilizes many of Gepco products, especially the hybrid fiber camera cables, to outfit its two high-definition mobile production trucks, the HD-1 and the HD-2.

Gepco HD Coax CableGepco's hybrid camera cables have been rock-solid for HDNet's mobile trucks in a variety of environments, from the hot and sandy swamps of Florida for swamp buggy racing, to the tops of the Rocky Mountains with eight feet of snow for Olympic biathlon qualifying. HDNet has had their greatest success using Gepco Hybrid Fiber cables in the very demanding day after day environments, such as NHL Hockey and Major League Soccer games, as well as concerts in New York City. Without the consistent and precision performance of Gepco HD cables, demanding video production and broadcast television could not succeed.

In addition, Gepco has provided HDNet with continual diagnostic and testing on all of the products supplied. Gepco's in-house fiber termination lab allows them to not only custom terminate cables to length, but also offer complete diagnostic and repair capabilities. Combined with the new Gepco HDR and HBB Hybrid Fiber Component Distribution System, Gepco can offer comprehensive products and solutions for real-world applications of HD Hybrid Fiber interconnects.

Hybrid Fiber Cable and HDR Distribution Rack"Gepco Hybrid Fiber has exceptionally low attenuation which allows for uncompressed HD video to be transmitted over significantly greater distances as compared to triax," states Scott Fehl, Gepco's product and marketing manager. "Gepco strives to be the leader in the evolution of this cable format by continually developing new HD Hybrid Fiber products that improve both performance and durability. Our new 12mm series of cables and proprietary strain relief system has achieved a new level of reliability and durability for this format. By offering a comprehensive product line of field installable distribution systems, heavy-duty portable camera cables, and in-house cable diagnostic and repair capabilities, Gepco is able to provide a complete hybrid fiber interconnect solution."

Products provided by GEPCO include miniature HD/SDI coax (VDM230), 12mm heavy-duty hybrid fiber optic cable (HDC120P), and Gep-Flex 24 gage multi-pair (GA724GFC series).

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