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Gepco Supplies Olympic-size Amount of Gear for NBC's Coverage of the 2004 Summer Games in Athens, Greece

NEP Assembles and Rents Equipment to NBC for Summer Olympics

Do you believe in miracles? Without the introduction of state-of-the-art audio and video equipment to the coverage of Olympic competition, would our fond and cherished memories of such feats as 1980's Miracle on Ice - the upset of the grizzled and accomplished Soviet Union Men's Hockey Team by an innocent group of wide-eyed American young men - be held in such high regard? This year, the Olympic Games returns to its birthplace, Athens, Greece, and unlike the last time the Games were held in Athens (1896), viewers will be treated to sights and sounds that will forever be ingrained in their memories.

As millions of viewers tune into NBC's coverage of this year's Summer Olympic Games, they will see the finest athletes from around the world competing against one another in hopes of winning a gold medal for themselves, and more importantly for their country. What they won't see is the equipment used to help put them in the middle of the action.

For assistance in meeting the great demands associated with covering the Olympic Games, NBC turned to NEP Broadcasting, LLC., known worldwide as the quality provider of broadcast management services. In turn, NEP reached out to Gepco International, a leading manufacturer of studio and broadcast audio and video cables, to meet the cable and cable-related product needs of the Summer Games. All told, Gepco supplied over 170,000 feet of cable for the 2004 Olympic Games.

"We immediately contacted Gepco after receiving the request from NBC for support at this year's Olympics," stated Brian Conley, director of purchasing for NEP. "What separates Gepco from its competitors is the quality of the product, the competitive pricing and detailed service. We were able to meet our delivery deadline easily, thanks to Gepco's attention to detail."

Having purchased the cabling products from Gepco, NEP assembled and rented the equipment to NBC to use at this year's Olympics in Athens, and will again at the 2006 Winter Games. NEP recently shipped two 40-foot ocean containers full of broadcast equipment to Athens.

Equipment supplied by Gepco included: VS10230 Ten Channel Miniature Video Snakes; Y-Cable Splitters; MP1022 & 5522M Mic Cables; VSD2001 BNC Cables; XLR to Binding Post Adaptors; Triax Cable Assemblies; VS52001 Video Snakes; DT12 Audio Snakes; Breakout Boxes; and Fanouts.


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