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Arcatron Designs Gepco Digital Video Cables
into its Projects

The importance of flawless system integration has become increasingly critical. If one piece of equipment or technology fails, the successful operation of the system as a whole becomes compromised. For many facilities, compromise is not an option. That's why Arcatron, a Phoenix-based system integration firm, regularly counts on Gepco digital cables in the systems they build.

Arcatron's areas of expertise are systems engineering and control product development. The company designs video, audio and control systems for such industries as medical, government, education, house-of-worship and commercial/industrial. "Every project we do is done with Gepco," says Arcatron President Bob Ginger, who first started using the company's products in 1985. "High quality and good specs are their main characteristics. They've evolved their video and audio products. They've changed jacket types to improve insulation, toolability and increased the electrical rating on their cables. Several innovations in their cable have made installation easier."

Ginger notes that Arcatron often relies on Gepco's VPM2000 for video, VSD2001 for digital or very high-density, short-length analog applications. What's also impressed him is the cables' versatility to fit a wide range of jobs.

"The VPM2000 is a pretty versatile cable," Ginger says. "It's our workhorse video cable, since it can do most anything, analog and digital. The miniature video coax cable has a thin profile, so we use that primarily in a small system or where the job calls for short cable lengths, but a lot of them. For example, if we have a system with a lot of equipment in a small area, and the racks just aren't big enough to contain a VPM2000-size cable. If the runs are fairly short, we'll use the 23-gage whithin the racks and then the VPM2000 to go to the rest of the building."

Ginger recalls a couple of projects where the Gepco cables came through. These facilities were to use hand-held camera control systems, with all the signals carried over a single coax cable. "For that we used the VSD2001, just because it's flexible, has very low loss and a large center conductor for carrying power," he says.

One large-scale job on which Arcatron employed Gepco video cables significantly was the Arizona Heart Hospital. Arcatron was called on to design a new video/audio system for this hospital system, one of the largest medical/video projection systems in the country. During this project, Arcatron used more than 60,000 feet of Gepco video, audio and control cable to connect equipment and panels throughout the building. Ginger notes that space limitations in the control room only allowed for 25-inch deep racks, and due to the density of the video cabling in these racks, Arcatron engineers used Gepco's mini digital coax cable for much of the intra-rack video wiring. For longer runs to other racks and connection panels, they chose Gepco's VPM2000 or VSD2001.

Another unique project that featured Gepco cables prominently was the building of a portable virtual set system for Mirage Digital in Phoenix. It was the first portable digital virtual set system, and it used Gepco's miniature video coax cables. Since the system had to be flown around the country, "the idea was to build it as companct and lightweight as possible," Ginger says. "Our choice of cabling was a consideration of size, weight and signal transmission. Since it was a digital system, and the Gepco 23-gage coax was a digital cable, it was a perfect fit between cables and application."

Gepco® International, with headquarters in Des Plaines, IL, and a branch location in Burbank, CA, has been a leading provider of studio and broadcast audio and video cables for more than 18 years. The company also specializes in manufacturing custom cable assemblies, panels, patch bay harnesses and breakout boxes. In addition, Gepco stocks and distributes connectors, patchbays and other cable-related products. For more information about Gepco, visit our Company Profile.


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