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Gepco Teams up with Vantage Controls to Create
New Sheer Sound Lighting Control Cable

DES PLAINES, IL, August 5, 2005—Gepco, a leading provider of wire and cable in the home theater market, introduces the new Vantage Lighting Control Cable. Gepco partnered with Vantage Control Systems to create this new low-loss 16-gage cable that sets the new standard for station devices and touch screen interconnects. Click for Larger View

"Due to the larger, tightly twisted conductors coated with a dual-layer dielectric, the power loss and data attenuation of our new Vantage cable is significantly reduced," stated Scott Fehl, product development manager for Gepco International, manufacturer and distributor of Sheer Sound cables. "This is the most recent addition to our specialized cable designs that simplify lighting system installation."

As with other Sheer Sound lighting and control cables, the 16-gage Vantage control cables feature several time-saving features such as footage markers, color-coded and striped jackets, and easy-to-strip compounds. Available in non-Plenum and Plenum versions, Sheer Sound's Vantage control cables can be installed in almost any environment.

In order to effectively develop cabling solutions customized to the system's requirements, Sheer Sound partnered up with Vantage Control Systems to develop the Vantage Lighting Control Cable.

"Working side by side with Vantage Control System's engineers enables us to design new products that provide the infrastructure for the latest automation and lighting systems," stated Scott Fehl, Product Development Manager for Gepco International. "This ensures complete system compatibility and gives installers certainty in specifying the proper cabling."

Gepco® International, with headquarters in Des Plaines, IL, and a branch location in Burbank, CA, has been a leading provider of studio and broadcast audio and video cables for more than 20 years. The company also specializes in manufacturing custom cable assemblies, panels, patch bay harnesses and breakout boxes. In addition, Gepco stocks and distributes connectors, patchbays and other cable-related products. For more information about Gepco, visit our Company Profile.



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