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Gepco Expands Miniature HDTV Video Coax
Snake Series

Five and Ten Channel Versions Now Available for Multi-channel Uncompressed HDTV Digital and High-Res Component Analog Video Applications

DES PLAINES, IL, July 11, 2005—Gepco International, an industry leader in the manufacturing and distribution of quality professional audio and video cables for over two decades, has expanded its series of miniature High Definition video snake cables. Originally available in a ten-channel version, the VS230 miniature HD coax snake series is now also available in a five-channel construction.

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Designed for both bandwidth and low attenuation, the VS series can be used in a variety of portable and remote applications. The 3GHz certified bandwidth allows for transmission of multiple HD digital video signals within a single snake cable, while the low-loss allows for exceptionally clear component analog video distribution. As a result, the VS230 series can be used for transmission of five to ten HDTV digital video streams, or one to two RGBHV component analog video interconnects; all within a single cable.

The coaxial elements in Gepco's VS230 series feature a 3GHz bandwidth in a miniature 23awg construction. As with Gepco's full-size High Definition coaxial cables, the VS230 series also features full broadband shielding, a high-velocity gas-injected dielectric, and is SMPTE 292M and 259M compliant for SDI and HD video transmission.

"To achieve the specifications required for uncompressed HD video transmission, Gepco uses the same type of precision and materials utilized in our other industry-proven HD coaxial cable designs," stated Scott Fehl, Gepco's product manager. "All critical specifications, such as attenuation, return loss, and characteristic impedance are produced within tight tolerance and are comprehensively measured and 100% swept-test. This precision and quality control ensures consistent connector termination and accurate uncompressed HD video transmission in the VS230 series."

As with other Gepco cables, the VS230 series has several features that increase the durability and speed the termination process. The outer jacket is a rugged TPE that is abrasion resistant and remains flexible in low temperature environments. The coaxial elements feature easy-to-strip and -terminate jackets, shields, and insulation materials.

Gepco® International, with headquarters in Des Plaines, IL, and a branch location in Burbank, CA, has been a leading provider of studio and broadcast audio and video cables for more than 20 years. The company also specializes in manufacturing custom cable assemblies, panels, patch bay harnesses and breakout boxes. In addition, Gepco stocks and distributes connectors, patchbays and other cable-related products. For more information about Gepco, visit our Company Profile.



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