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Gepco Debuts Universal All-metal DT12 Connector

CHICAGO, April 13, 2001 - Gepco® International introduces its new V37 Series of DT12 connectors. The V37 Series features a low-profile, all-metal, universal termination design. Engineered to be the most functional and durable DT12 connector available, the V37 replaces Gepco's industry-standard VKC Series of connectors.

Click for Larger ViewAll exterior components of the V37 are made of hard anodized machined aluminum with unique left-hand (reverse) threaded backshell and backnut sections. This all-metal construction is extremely durable and crush-resistant, making the V37 ideal for use in mobile production and hostile environments. When properly terminated, the metal-on-metal thread grip coupled with the reverse thread mechanism prevents accidental loosening of the backshell. Unlike set-screw type designs, a terminated V37 is both completely secure and weathertight. In addition, wrench flats are now present for easy assembly and disassembly.

The V37 features a new universal cable design that enables it to be terminated to either large or small diameter cables (with or without steel mesh cord grips) or XLR fanouts. It has a resizable multi-piece gland/strain relief that completely seals the interior of the connector from outside elements. The metal backnut is internally multi-stepped to accept both large and small metal cord grips (or none if desired). This unique design seats the cord grip after the strain-relief, allowing the quality of the seal to remain un-compromised. Unlike other designs, the V37 taper compression seal does not need to be discarded in lieu of the inferior seal found in metal cord grips.

In addition to the functional improvements, the V37 series features both a thin profile and low weight. In fact, the new V37 connectors weigh only about an ounce more than the original VKC thermoplastic connectors.

As with the original Gepco DT12 connectors, the new V37 has a crack-proof neoprene insulator, gold-plated solder contacts (now available as a standard feature) and is mateable with all existing DT12 type connectors.

Gepco® International, with headquarters in Des Plaines, IL, and a branch location in Burbank, CA, has been a leading provider of studio and broadcast audio and video cables for more than 18 years. The company also specializes in manufacturing custom cable assemblies, panels, patch bay harnesses and breakout boxes. In addition, Gepco stocks and distributes connectors, patchbays and other cable-related products. For more information about Gepco, visit our Company Profile.


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